Our Story

We are an engineering and commercial consultancy firm based in Melbourne, who create success from the ground up.

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Our Story

Who we are

Our team of expert consultants come with a collective experience across a variety of sectors, allowing us to help our clients overcome challenges and reach their unique goals by tailoring solutions specifically to their needs.

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Our Story

What we do

We service the infrastructure industry’s public and private sectors, actively integrating with our clients to ensure that they are able to successfully make a positive contribution towards the community.

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Our Story

Why we do it

We take pride in our work and the impact it has had in helping to improve the world around us. We believe that projects should focus not only on the practical but also have a positive individual and collective impact at their core.


Our capabilities

We pride ourselves on our wide capabilities and scope of services. Our experienced consultants bring diverse skills and perspectives to every engagement. These tailored solutions drive real results.

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Project initiation

We love helping our clients ensure that they begin their project journey in the best possible position for success.

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This is where all of our planning and preparation springs into action, and each project starts to take shape.

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A well executed plan means nothing if the plan is not strong in the first place, which is why we place so much emphasis on this critical project phase.

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This is where we leverage our relationships and commercial acumen to deliver industry leading procurement services.

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Staff testimonials

"Working at MBB has been the most satisfying job I chose due to the fact they allow flexibility / gaining more knowledge / diversity in fields and roles . And they always have my back when I need it"

Maurice Baldasso

Clerk of Works

"MBB provides a whole range of opportunities throughout the industry, whether it's an area you already know or providing an opportunity to gain experience in a new area, MBB are always looking out for you and support you through it all"

Seamus Hobbs

Project Engineer

"The flexibility of working and developing my knowledge in many different projects and clients."

Nathan Tran

Project Engineer

"I enjoy the broad range of Projects and Roles MBB offers for engineers."

Max Read

Project Engineer

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Interested in joining the team?

We’re always on the hunt for like-minded individuals who possess a passion for the work we do. We have created an environment that allows people to work across a variety of sectors and expand their skills. If you’re interested in hearing more, get in touch below.