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Cladding Safety Victoria: Ensuring safe construction through quality inspections.

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Cladding Safety Victoria - Clerk of Works

Building a safer Victoria, one inspection at a time



Commercial and Residential Sector




Project Overview

The establishment of Cladding Safety Victoria by the Victorian Government is a world-leading initiative. The $600 million program aims to make Victorians safer by reducing the risk associated with combustible cladding on residential apartment buildings. Once a project has entered the construction phase, our Clerk of Works ensure quality construction outcomes are achieved on site. Our team certifies value for the State is achieved through rigorous and detailed inspection. This spans materials and workmanship in the building process, and assists CSV to comply with its monitoring works requirements.

Project Scope

Our Clerks of Works team operate on a full-time basis and work under the direction of Cladding Safety Victoria to undertake regular visits of building sites. We handle inspections, in consultation with the Project Managers of the works to ensure that: 

• The work is carried out to the standards, specification, quality and workmanship as detailed in the contract.

• Quality of workmanship is monitored and inspected at regular intervals to minimise problems, defects and rework. We ensure works are of high quality and in accordance with all drawings and product installation manuals as detailed in the design.  

• Ensure defects are minimized and resolved by undertaking inspection at appropriate times throughout the construction process. We ensure defects are captured at frequent intervals via quality inspection audits and assigned to the relevant parties for closeout. 

• The health and safety management of the building sites are undertaken in accordance with the contract specification and Worksafe VIC requirements. 

• The works are progressing in accordance with the schedule and contract requirements 

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